10 Tips to Get to “Life Beyond Money”


In a successful Network Marketing career, first comes massive action and development, then comes massive money, and then comes … Life Beyond Money.


This is a place where you are truly present to those you love; a place where you have the freedom to do what you want, where you want, and with whom you want; a place filled with peace.


You can’t wander your way to Life Beyond Money. Getting there is intentional. Here are 10 tips to follow as your guide …


Free to Fly: 3 Steps to Program Your Mind for Success


You may have heard that bumblebees cannot fly … at least not according to the laws of aerodynamics. They are too big and heavy for their wingspan. No known science supports the idea that they can fly, yet they do. Perhaps they just don’t read.

This is much like the innovative men and women responsible for the advancement of modern technology. Somehow these brilliant minds refused to believe there were limits to what they could create and accomplish. (more…)

Beyond the Shine: How to Tell if a Company Will Last


We belong to one of the greatest professions. And yet our lack of awareness about what is really important to us leads us to join any shiny thing that is dangled in front of us.

So many of us make our decisions this way that now there are far more shiny opportunities available than relevant ones. We have become our own worst public relations nightmare.

In my last blog post, 3 AHA CONSIDERATIONS IN CHOOSING A COMPANYI gave you 3 questions to consider in choosing a company for life. In case you missed it, here they were …


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